If you’re curious about Steven Soderbergh’s next film Haywire and care to see the first five minutes, Hulu has you covered. It’s actually the first 4 minutes and 43 seconds, but you’ll quickly see the film starts off with a brief pause before erupting into some nasty ass-kicking. Take a look…

Now that you’ve watched the clip and I can’t ruin it with a nagging “you can never unsee” thing, I have to say I’m distressed by the amount of lip, tongue, and teeth acting going on in this video. Go ahead and watch it again… There’s also a lot of amateur hour hesitation-acting going on here, which never fails to make actors look like they’re trying real real hard to be natural. My trepidation of Tatum becoming Soderbergh’s new muse has not been assuaged.

I’ve also got beef with how this thing looks, but I’ll save that after I see the whole movie, which I have heard is quite good. The fight scene does have that nice matter-of-fact brutality that will probably work really well in a theater with good sound. I’m still pretty excited to see it, considering Soderbergh’s last effort made my top 5 of the year.

What’s your impression of the opening moments?

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