Go West Wing, Young Man (SEND A LETTER)
Mitch to the right.


Just finished
reading your west wing roundtable DVD discussion. SPECTACULA
R. I love the show and always have and it was
such a breathe of fresh air to read the thoughts of you and the other
participants. I can’t disagree with
anything (for once)! Just wanted to show
some appreciation for the great articles and features. I love them all! Keep up the great work, and I will keep
reading every day instead of working.

Nick: Thanks fella and congratulations on the terrific name. That’s a name that makes men jealous and women ooze with passion. It was glad to punctuate the end of our coverage for that lovely show with a nice big article that allowed our more vocal West Wing watchers a chance to be heard on the main site. That box set is nothing short of brilliant and it’s going to take a long time for a show to unseat that one for me.

Take My Load. (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


I love
coming to your website, though I’ve noticed that no matter what computer I use
(I rotate between three of them at work, and they all have different internet
connections) your website takes FOREVER to load. It takes at least one minute
to load pages once I finally get through, while sometimes I simply give up and
move on to something else. Are you guys making some changes, or is this just
the norm for your website. Other than that, I really enjoy the site and your
style of writing. Thanks for your time.

Nick: I don’t know what to tell you. It’s 2006 and high bandwidth means we can push the graphical and backend workload a little. Folks on dialup aren’t really a concern and although we probably could improve the server and site design for speed it’s a committment. In the meantime, bear with us and please… use Firefox!

The Butler Did Her! (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


"(does one need to specify that a Gerard Butler movie
looks poor? One of the most shocking things about 300 is that it doesn’t
look poor and yet stars Butler)"

comment (above) was just mean spirited and unnecessary. I hope 300
is the best sword and sandals movie ever made. God knows, I want it to do
the subject justice. Gerard Butler starring as Leonidas is icing on the
cake, as far as I’m concerned. Can you think of anyone else who could do
the part justice? I can’t.

Nick: First of all, will you hate me when I say that the 300 footage does little for me? Secondly, I agree with your Gerard Butler love, he and his overbite are great. He hasn’t been in a lot of good movies but he’s typically pretty good in them. I think that Leonidas is so far dead and gone that the spectrum of folks who could play him is pretty extensive.

Emory Bored. (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Jack:

Just so you guys know, it’s not Emory College, it’s Emory

There is a College of Arts and Sciences within the
University system, but it would be the University shutting down the production,
not the College.

A friend of mine works in locations here in town (We Are
Marshall, the new Tyler Perry) and has friends that are working on Nerds. Sounds from him like a pretty good chunk of
the exteriors are already out of the way at Agnes Scott. I know the tricycle race is already
done. So perhaps the loss of Emory isn’t
really THAT big of a deal.

Anyway, you didn’t hear this from me. 🙂

Nick: It’s not that big a deal because it’s fucking Revenge of the Nerds.

Zombie Quality (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


I just read your marvel zombies article. I do agree
Marvel Zombies was not particularly good. And walking dead is amazing! Only one
thing I disagree with in the whole article. "I never thought I’d be tired
of Ash. Never. Now, thanks to bad video games, comic books (aside from the John Bolton one from Dark
Horse) and silly toys and multiple DVD releases the
character and franchise feel as vital and warming as Star Wars.
The franchise is lame. Lame!" What? Ok how are the comics bad? How are the
video games bad? (aside form hail to the king because ya that one sucked!)
DVDS? And ya ok most of the toys do suck but some of them are done pretty well!
I honestly Love the comic book line, it has The AOD feel! Campy, full of
one liners and blood! I just dont see how you could think it is lame! Have you
read the comics! I for one am very eagerly looking forward to this release!

Nick: Maybe I’ve reached adulthood.I hope not.

Park Chan-wook, Crunchy Style (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


your recent news about the Trailer to Park Chan-wook’s new film, I’m a Cyborg…
I was curious why you didn’t credit the original source,
www.kfccinema.com, which was clearly
mentioned in twitch’s initial post about the trailer. This happens a lot with
news that is taken by other sites and KFCC is not credited even though many
times breaking news like this is first posted online there. Any reply would be

Nick: I don’t know the particulars of that news article but my assumption is that the news originated elsewhere. We’re not fans of the Colonels’ secret recipe. That may be another reason.

RSS. (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


I’ve been an avid reader for the past few years. I have a simple request, an rss feed that
will function with mozilla firefox. Most
of the sites I browse daily have them, and it’d be nice to have the same
functionality with Chud.

Keep on slogging it.

Nick: Give THIS LINK a shot.

Shark Attack! (SEND A LETTER)

Mitch to the right.Paul:






Nick: Things are looking up for the ol’ shark. Evidence: This Post. That said, I hope the bulk of Meg fans out there understand the principles of grammar.

Sometimes, Dead isn’t Better (SEND A LETTER)Mitch to the right.


name is Clay Moore (not that sculptor guy… or that comic writer guy… I’m the other OTHER Clay Moore) a longtime
CHUD reader. I enjoy your site and its
sense of humor. Thanks for your
continued work on it.

work at a comic shop in Charlotte, NC.
Rebel Base Comics and Toys is the name on the business card, run by my
friend Troy Hasbrouck. I’ve been helping
Troy on Wednesdays for about ten years, with a couple of breaks thrown in. When I came to the shop this morning and read
your piece on the upcoming Marvel Zombies vs. Army of Darkness I was taken

too was obsessed with zombies during my formative years. The cinema of George Romero was my
gospel. Still is, to a certain
degree… The ideas brought forth in my
mind by his films always lingered, year after year. Then I discovered other zombie films, and
other horror films like Evil Dead and the like.
Zombies have ruled my horror life for some time now. A couple years back, I even teamed with some
folks to create an indy zombie flick shot here in Charlotte and some in Atlanta,
called “Come Get Some”. Fun times.

reason why your piece blew me away was because there for a while, my friend
Troy and I thought we were losing our minds.
It seemed no one agreed with our view of Kirkman’s “Walking Dead”- that
it is in fact a derivative book of sobering mediocrity. Every week the book would come out, these
fanboys would grab it up, insisting that the writing on it is “so great!” or
that it’s “so realistic!”. I would read
the book and be startled by the banality of nearly every page. Not to mention the blatant “homage” moments
that any horror aficionado could spot in two seconds. Just like yourself, I really, really WANT TO
LIKE IT. But the trite situations faced
by the characters just make me feel more and more cold toward the book every
issue. In the first trade paperback
collection alone, Kirkman wants you to believe not only that the main character
survived the zombie onslaught by doing nothing more than laying in a bed in a
coma- but also that after a few weeks of searching he finds not only his wife
AND only child AND his old police partner- ALL ALIVE AND COMPLETELY
UNHARMED!!!! In THE SAME camp that he
just happens to be brought to by another survivor! That’s just plain lazy writing.

as far as “Marvel Zombies” goes… That
book is the. Biggest. Piece.
Of shit. EVER. I scanned
through the first issue in disgust when it arrived… and found that apparently, when you become a
“zombie” in the Marvel Universe, you also become either a complete moron or a
complete smart ass! Not only that, but
also you get a little dirtier when you become a “Marvel Zombie”, and your teeth
grow on the outside of your lips- weird!
And as soon as Silver Surfer showed up, I called the ending. Not the ending of that issue, but the end of
the SERIES. And when that ending
actually came to pass, I damn near swore off Marvel for good- and gave long
thought to dropping Kirkman’s “Walking Dead”.
I must be a glutton for punishment, because I continue to pick it
up… just hoping that it will get
better. But so far… Shocking mediocrity.

glad to know that there is actually someone out there that agrees, that also
stands against the shit that the comics industry by and large shoves down the
throats of the fans out there… that,
sadly most fans are eager to receive.

PS- I thought my first email to you was actually
going to be in response to the comic review columns of a few months back… The ones that were basically scribed blow
jobs to Kirkman and crew for their “incredible comics”… Thank God it was this letter instead.

Nick: To each their own in regards to Kirkman. I ain’t in his camp though I do own four of his trades.Makes me look like the dummy I am. Thanks for writing.

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