While the Coens have chosen (what seems on the surface to be) a pretty esoteric story to follow up their mainstream hit True Grit, the boys are assembling quite the likeable cast that now includes John Goodman, Justin Timberlake, as well as two Drive stars: Carey Mulligan and Oscar Isaac (who will play Llewyn Davis). Perhaps a little less flavorful though, is their latest pick: Tron star Garrett Hedlund.

Now to be fair, despite a few months of rumors that Tron: Legacy‘s biggest problem was a giant charisma vacuum as a lead, I found Garrett Hedlund to be the least of the film’s worries. Hell, I’ve even heard tell that Hedlund is one of the few decent parts of Country Strong, of all things. So, ultimately, this isn’t nearly as baffling of a choice as another auteur aligning himself with a whole heap of boring this morning, even if it does raise the slightest of eyebrows.

Info is minimal, so it’s not clear how all these actors are fitting into the story of the “Uncle of the Coffeehouse scene” who was a central figure in many 1960s cultural and political events in New York (some of which I described here). What is clear is that another Coen Brothers movie is well on its way towards production, and that’s always a reason to celebrate.

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Source | Variety