The synopsis of The Perks of Being A Wallflower reads like a (deliberately) Salinger-esque take on Mean Girls, and will probably look to most viewers like the story of twee teenagers attending Hipster High. There is certainly a lot of plaid, and what I presume is Emma Watson’s character’s room does look like it was art designed by the folks at Moleskin working purely off of concept pictures they found on Tumblr. Really though, the film’s worth will come down to if the story can push out of its precious aesthetic and find something real or interesting in the experiences of these kids. That’s a tough thing to do, even if the film does manage to stay out of its own ass. The fact that this film is built on its references to The Beatles, Nirvana, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, and Walden might make that especially hard though…

Charlie, a high-school freshman, copes with his mental issues while trying to find a place to belong. He is introduced to the world of sex and drugs by senior friends, Sam and Patrick.[

I wonder if the mom’s taking their teens are going to get all huffy when Hermione starts talking about blowjobs or E or whatever. Along with Watson the film stars Logan Lerman as the central character Charlie, and Paul Rudd as an inspiration teacher.

I’ve got no familiarity with the book, but it’s popularity and Watson’s first front-and-center post-Potter role will likely ensure it’s popular with the younger crowd. Have a look at the shots below


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