"Do I look like a primetime pay-cable clown to you? I'm here to fuckin' amuse you, Tuesdays on AMC, 8pm (9pm Central) ?"

We were hearing about it well over a year ago, and now the proposed Goodfellas television series has resurfaced as an AMC show with a Warner Brother’s cable subsidiary producing. Original author and screenwriter Nicholas Pileggi will not just be involved with the show, as the 78-year-old will join with Jorge Zamacona (Oz, Homicide: Life On The Streets) to write the series.

With this, AMC obviously adds another very high-profile feather in their cap, as Goodfellas will join Mad Men (finally restored after much public bullshit, with a March 25th premiere date), The Walking Dead, and Breaking Bad as some of the most beloved shows on television (oh yeah, and The Killing). Goodfellas will certainly have a shot at standing tall among those programs, as there’s no way an adaptation of one of the most popular movies ever made won’t debut with a lot of hype and interest. If it’s actually good, I could see this ranking very high among the most popular of cable shows. That said, how the fuck are they going to tell a fucking Goodfellas mob story without being able to say the fucking “fuck” word?

There’s no mention of Scorsese producing or being involved in any way, which is a little odd considering he directed the pilot of Boardwalk Empire and retains an exec producer credit, and thus is not above TV work. I assume they’ve pursued such an arrangement… has Marty refused, or is it just not decided yet?

In any event, with the nice flashy deal done hopefully we’ll be hearing more about approach, casting, and scheduling soon.

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Source | Deadline