So no shit The Dark Knight Rises is not only going to sell out shows, it’s more than likely going to sell out every show a week+ deep into release. What is kind of impressive though, is that certain midnight shows in large cities are already sold out, and some have been for weeks. This is because some theaters were sharp enough to start those midnight sales when the prologue was shown in IMAX, while other showing are just starting to pop up on Fandango in New York, San Francisco, and Los Angeles (those via /Film).

So what this looks like is that if you are eager to brave the opening showing crowds for what will be the most insane opening weekend of all time, you’re going to need to be pretty proactive about keeping tabs on your local IMAX theater and when they start sales. You can start by having Fandango send you an email when tickets go on sale for a particular theater (visit the TDKR page to make that happen), or you can just call your theater and try and find out when they plan to start releasing those puppies.

Now of course selling tickets well in advance for well-hyped blockbusters has been a tradition for some time now, and I feel like I saw such sales beginning for the final Harry Potter movies many months out as well, though maybe not quite as far out as TDKR has managed. But now Hunger Games is angling to be one of those large buzz movies, so in true style they’ll be putting their tickets out February 22nd- a month before the actual March 23rd release date.

You can keep an eye out on the usual sites for those tickets (or get an alert from the Facebook page). I guess I’ll go ahead and include the trivia that this ticket announcement comes 74 days before the film’s release, which lines up with the film revolving around the 7th Hunger Games competition. So there’s that.

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