Whatever planets that aligned and made the all too unlikely Arrested Development movie actually manage a legitimate, on-paper, signed by human beings with hands deal with Netflix apparently shined a few rays at another failed cult TV comedy… Party Down. According to star Megan Mullally, a film version of the show is being written as we speak, and that investors are enthusiastic about the plan for the film.

The Starz comedy–about a group of LA caterers all trying (and mostly failing) to get a foot in the Hollywood door while doing the bare minimum to keep their shitty day jobs–managed a mere two seasons on the air with almost no network promotional support and the unexpectedly low ratings. That, combined with a few of the stars managing bigger gigs on network shows, resulted in Party Down dying an early death, and then almost immediately experiencing a snowballing popularity on VOD. In fact, the show was so quickly and unprecedentedly successful on Netflix, that it nearly got a 3rd season based on those numbers alone.

Alas, that was not to be and–like it was with Arrested Development–there have been teases and promises of a movie ever since. Also like Arrested Development, it seems 2012 may actually be the year in which those promises pay-off. Mullally’s update puts show co-creator John Enbom in the midst of actively writing, while teasing that the film will bring everyone back, save for Jane Lynch (a t0ss-up, considering her Glee schedule). For her own character, she teases an introduction to Lydia’s “racist” and “misogynist” ex-husband. Sounds awesome, of not 100% concrete.

So here’s the thing… Party Down wasn’t even slightly on my radar till a few months ago when a friend sort of forced the pilot on me. I wasn’t that impressed but kept watching a few episodes until I was unknowingly hooked. By the end of the first season and the beginning of the second it had me belly laughing, and after only 20 entries I had become quite attached and found myself very sad to run out of Party Down episodes. You can definitely count me among those quietly crossing my fingers that this gets made and turns out well. I would encourage you to board the train and watch the 20 eps on Netflix if you haven’t, as this is definitely one of the good ones to be rooting for.

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Source | THR (via AV Club)