Before I went to Sundance and moved, my Rock Band guitar started giving me a hard time. It wouldn’t register strums I knew I had hit, and sometimes it would double register a strum. I knew that my guitar, which I had bought on launch day, was on its way out. Then, on the last day before I left, the whammy bar utterly shit out.

When I came back from Sundance and finally moved into my new place, the first thing I did was plug in the Xbox and fire up Rock Band. Soon enough, though, that busted strum bar started upsetting me. So now I have done what I hoped to never do: I have ordered a replacement from EA. They’re supposedly sending me a coffin for my dead guitar, which they’ll replace with a spanking new one. I’ve heard horror stories about this from folks, so I’ll be tracking my guitar’s progress on my blog.

In the meantime, anybody have a spare guitar?