┬áKevin Smith is promising that Hit Somebody is his last theatrical directing effort. Which I suppose could be taken in a way other than conciliator but it’s the way he says it that cos off sort of weird. There is no one who exists both in the sweet spot and crosshairs of the film geek community than Smith, a director whose output perhaps doesn’t match his “brand” but a very necessary [albeit polarizing] presence. Hit Somebody is his hockey epic, once planned to be two film that has now been pared down to one long(ish) one.

The Hollywood Reporter spoke to Smith and he revealed that Sundance of 2013 is where he plans to unveil the film.

The end of Kevin Smith? I doubt it. Though he does allude to possibly pursuing non-theatrical directorial gigs, I can’t imagine the bug not biting him again.

Haters, 2013 is the endgame. Lovers, prepare for the [possible] end.