you’re called Batman On Film, you don’t have a lot of options on how to fill your daily content quota*. That means I’m not surprised when every single actor in a certain age group eventually gets mentioned on their site as a candidate for this role or that in The Dark Knight.

The latest is Ethan Hawke as Harvey Dent, who Christopher Nolan has confirmed will be in the movie. I know a guy who apparently read the scriptment for The Dark Knight, and word is that Dent gets his face scarred towards the end of this film – but if that’s bullshit, don’t hold it against me. I’m just hypocritically doing what I just teased Batman On Film about!

I guess Ethan Hawke would make an OK Harvey Dent. Is Two Face supposed to smell? Because I’ve sat next to Hawke and been overwhelmed by the funk, and I don’t mean that in a George Clinton kinda way. But before this turns into Defamer, I’ll say that while Hawke seems like an OK choice, he doesn’t seem like a slam-dunk. I actually like the perennially rumored Jake Gyllenhaal better – it’s easy to see him playing chumpy good guy Harvey Dent, and I’d like to see if he could bring the crazy for Two Face.

We won’t know much of anything for a couple of months at least, so don’t hold your breath. In the meantime, someone should mock up a version of Batman On Film where you can insert your friend’s names into the ubiquitous “So and So Rumored to Play Harvey Dent in The Dark Knight!” headlines.

*I kid Batman on Film. They actually have a lot of content dealing with all aspects of Batman. They just run a ton of very sketchy rumors.