The Evil Dead remake has its lead, and our new Ashley “Ash” Williams will be Lily Collins who has joined the production set to be released April of next year. Ms. Collins will play “Mia” who travels to the infamous cabin to detox and recover from her mother’s death. Her brother and friends will join her, be possessed, and presumably meet nasty fates once Mia catches on to the whole “fight demons to survive” thing.

Collins will first be seen in Tarsem’s abominable-looking Mirror Mirror, so good on her for finding an interesting project to follow that up. She’ll be directed by Fede Alvarez and will chew on words recently rewritten by Diablo Cody (whose Young Adult script has proven to me that her talent is not dependent on any specific style or gimmick).

The news comes from Bloody Disgusting, who also further confirm the drug sub-plot, which I’m sure will play into the nightmarish story in an interesting way. In fact, I’ve gotten a good vibe from the project and I’m interested to see what they make of it. I’ve as much respect as anyone for the original films, but I don’t see this as sacred ground that can’t be re-explored. Perhaps it’s blasphemy to say so, but the first Evil Dead is more influential than it is flawless, a perfect candidate for some modern love if the brains behind it are passionate and not forced to compromise.

In any event, Lily Collins better prepare to get quite gooey.

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