Matthew Fox has never dove into the film world with both feet, even as he balanced Lost with the occasional movie role. In fact, since his awesome turn as Racer X in the underloved Speed Racer in 2008, Fox has been pretty quiet, only beginning to take new roles in the last year. He’s just now added a new one to the fresh list, having signed on to play the lead in Emperor for Peter Webber.

This Japan-set film from Webber tells the story of Gen. MacArthur’s expert on Japanese affairs following the country’s surrender to Allied forces. General Bonner Fellers was a crucial part of many post-war decisions in Japan, including making the call on whether or not to try and hang Emperor Hirohito for war crimes. Naturally there’s also a love story element, as Fellers had a little fling with a local and endeavored to track the young Japanese lady down amongst the rubble of the country.

Webber is of course responsible for the Silence of the Lambs prequel, Hannibal Rising, though this sounds like a much more interesting project on which he can demonstrate his skills, so I’ll turn a blind eye to that unfortunate project.

Fox on the other hand is emerging strong from his post-Lost dormancy with roles opposite Brad Pitt and Tyler Perry respectively, in World War Z (which made the news this morning) and I, Alex Cross. Both of those films drop this year, while Emperor will start filming later in January in Japan and New Zealand.

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Source | Variety