It seems that in addition to getting a new Q (possibly a new M and Moneypenny as well), Skyfall will have a new composer as well:  Thomas Newman.  While his most recent efforts include The Adjustment Bureau and The Help, Newman also scored all of director Sam Mendes’ previous works.

Lest you think David Arnold has been dumped, such is not the case.  Since he is the musical director for the London Olympics, the man is simply unavailable.  I’m guessing he got tired of waiting around for the new Bond film to come together and jumped the chance when it was offered.  You can’t blame him really, who wouldn’t have?

Besides, new blood isn’t a bad thing.  While most associate John Barry (who scored 12 Bond films) and now David Arnold (who has done 5) with the franchise, they aren’t the only composers the series has seen.  Monty Norman started things off in 1962’s Dr. No and the character has also seen the likes of Marvin Hamlisch, Bill Conti, and Michael Kamen score his on-screen actions over the decades.  I’m sure that Newman will bring his Bondian A-game for his buddy Sam.

Source | MI6