All I know is I laughed.

I’m not sure who is in on the joke, who is above the joke, who thinks they’re in on the joke but really aren’t. I just don’t know.

What it seems is that MTV decided to do a dumb gimmicky play on Michael Shannon’s tough demeanor, and they came up with what you see above. It’s both embarrassing and amazing for all involved. Don’t know what else to say, except I’m happy this man is taking off in movies. He’s not always been written well into the show, but Michael Shannon has never not knocked Agent Van Alden out of the park on Boardwalk Empire, and I have no doubt he’ll make a great Zod. And now that I’ve realized again how much I need to see Take Shelter, I guess the interview worked!

And yet somehow his puppy noises fit perfectly into the continuity of that reputation.

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Thanks to Sasha at Awards Daily for giving an MTV video the chance I would not.