I think we’re all aware how cool of a dude Brad Pitt is, but if you need any kind of reminder that he’s pretty much a prefect gentleman/badass combo, then a recent Moneyball-focused profile from the LA Times can provide. News-wise though, the piece also let slip a tiny little bit of information that, while easily assumed, is confirmation that Paramount is not just pumping dough into WWZ to hop on a trend… they see the beginning of a major franchise, with a trilogy specifically in mind.

There’s no deeper information about someone writing or outlining that trilogy, just the throwaway bit that Paramount sees this film–described as resembling this summer’s Contagion*–as a way to translate some of that Walking Dead success to a studio film franchise. Its also a new path by which Pitt himself could land a lucrative franchise, something that his usual interesting and brave choices haven’t really included, aside from the Ocean’s films.

I’m still not sure how to feel about World War Z. It stars Brad Pitt, who I like (yay!). But it’s about zombies, which I’m sick of (aww). But it’s based on a book that people really enjoy (yay!). But apparently they’ve changed the story a bunch (aww).

I don’t know whether the huge budget and Marc Forster as a director is a “yay!” or an “aww” frankly.

Regardless, I hope the film is good and then does well, for Pitt’s sake. He’s edging on the big 50 and doesn’t seem to be holding onto his looks quite as well as ole George Clooney. The big franchise opportunities might get fewer and more farĀ  between from here, even if you are one of the most famous men on the planet, and possibly headed for Oscar gold this year…

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*A very high-ranking flick on my Top 15 of the year.

(via Collider)