I Saw The Devil is a hell of serial killer movie, making Nick’s Top 15 of the year and an honorable mention in my own, and that falls largely at the feet of director Kim Ji-Woon and his excellent handle on edgy cinema.

Ji-Woon is being kind enough to grace the states with his skills this year, directing Arnold Schwarzenegger in The Last Stand. That’s one of the two films that will have him squaring off against an army of bad guys by himself, but the one that will first return Arnold to the big screen post-Expendables. It’s also a big project that brings Woon to Hollywood with a project specifically developed by Lionsgate to be Arnold’s big leading man re-debut.

Apparently though, Hollywood hasn’t completely sucked in Ji-Woon into it’s black vortex, as he’ll be returning to South Korea for his next film following The Last Stand, one called The Fall Of Humanity. It’s apparently a collaboration with director Lim Pil-seong (New Generation) and there aren’t public details about plot yet.

As apocalyptic as the title sounds, who knows what the film is about and if this is a latent passion project from before Hollywood came a callin’, or if this is an indication that Wi-Joon will keep a foot firmly planted in both countries as he continues on.

It will be some time before we even see The Last Stand (a year+), so we’ll just have to keep watching this career with great interest…

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(via /Film)