Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark arrives on home video, digital download, and Viewmaster (I made that up) today. As I’ve beaten you over the head with, I am Associate Producer on the film, and it’s one I’m very proud to have been involved with. It’s an old school horror flick about a little girl and monsters. That’s it. There’s no torture. There’s no shaky-cam. There’s no jump scares.

Actually there are jump scares.

And have I mentioned monsters? Little ones who crave children’s teeth. Like you’d expect anything less from the tooth-obsessed mind of Mr. Guillermo del Toro.

We had a decent albeit hurricane affected theatrical run and now the film is where it’s going to find its real audience. Most of you, I’m guessing. So, if you are up for the task here’s the Amazon link and the iTunes link to nab it.

Additionally, Sideshow Collectibles is doing a statue of our Homunculii!

Dig it:

For more details on that, head on over to Dread Central.