Dave is still gone, but I’m thinking about re-running his ‘Dave’s Underground’ pieces in January. My wife was playing the Christmas mix-CD he made a few years ago and it reminded me just how much it stinks that he bid us adieu.

It’s a slow time a year and a 2007 without him sucks just a tiny bit less with little pieces to remind us.

***End of Update***

Dave Davis has retired from after many years of doing the best writing, posting the hottest pictures, and discovering the smallest Asian film gems and sharing them with you.

To say he’ll be missed is an understatement.

Dave somehow managed to survive this internet movie thing without making enemies, getting caught renegging on a review opinion, losing his boyish good looks, or being convicted on molestation charges.

I jest of course. Dave has never molested anyone. Is he a raging pervert? Yes.

These days Dave will be working his arse off, enjoying time with his new lady friend, and doing his part to make Boston a better place.

He was always the underappreciated one here. He didn’t make enemies, so he often was looked at as the glue while the louder writers for the site got in public squabbles, got blurbed, or whatever else. But, he was the glue. It’s sometimes an unsexy role, but no less important.

You’ll hear from Dave again, I promise. Maybe not on but again he will be heard. It is one of my personal missions in life to write a feature with him and he’s too sharp (he is the Visionary Shotgun after all) to not surface and kick your ass again.

Until then we wish him all the best. Dave, you are a fucking king. Need proof?

New York Minute.