While plenty of folks have been reading way too much into Nolan’s comments about not wanting to change Bane’s voice and assuming that meant Bane would sound precisely the same in the final film as in the trailers, turns out Nolan has no issue with tweaking the sound mix to make him more intelligible. Unless WB forced it. I’m sure someone will ask.

Anyway, if Collider’s source is correct then it seems to be the case that a new sound mix has been sent out to IMAX theaters screening the prologue, and it has made Tom Hardy’s dialogue much easier to understand…

When asked how much clearer Bane’s dialogue is now compared to when we first heard it, our source said “40-50%, because he’s no longer being overpowered by the background noise that drowned him out before.”

The source is a protectionist at one such theater, and he reports that WB just sent out the new mix for viewers that catch the prologue with M:I – Ghost Protocol.

From the description, it sounds like the focus of the updated mix was attenuating the competing background noise and not actually clarifying Bane’s muffled voice, though who knows what kind of subtle tweaking has been done on the buff Brit specifically.

That’s it for now, but be happy folks! You’ll be able to hear Bane just fine, enjoy Tom Hardy’s bizarrely awesome rusty old regent voice, and leave your ear bugles at home!


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