From the mind behind the mega-hit Syfy show you’ve probably never heard of (EUREKA) comes a tribute to all those no-budget Syfy original movies and the “so bad, they’re good” films that inspired them. Move over Roger Corman, step back Ed Wood, make way on your weekend programming schedule Mr. Stern, because here comes Andrew Cosby’s 365 DAYS OF SCI-FI.

And it’s all happening here! Each day, your friends at CHUD will bring you a brand new bad movie pitch — the best of the worst title Cosby can come up with, no matter where he’s at or what he’s doing, rain or shine, drunk or sober. That’s a whole year of the quality concepts you’ve come to expect from the network that brought you MANSQUITO and SHARKTOPUS.

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“Yes, I watched Gattaca and Blade Runner this weekend.”

– Andy Cosby (Twitter)

“Future Perfect.”

CLEAN: In the not-too-distant future, America utilizes advanced eugenics to make its citizens virtually perfect, and polices the pubic gene pool to assure global genetic dominance.  Set against this dystopian paradise, a former solider turned bounty hunter tracks down genetically impure individuals, bringing them to justice.  But when he falls in love with his latest quarry, a beautiful young “pure strain”, it calls into question everything he has ever known, and he soon becomes embroiled in a vast underground of people just like her who
want to be left alone to live as God intended.

Nick Says: As long as there’s no Gun Kata you’ll succeed.



This article series is in no way affiliated with SyFy. This is a creative experiment and ongoing test of nerves that is perpetrated by a few insane people and should be construed as such. If for some reason these people actually make one of these as a feature it must be chalked up to their own lunacy. These are the intellectual property of Mr. Andrew Cosby and not the property of or SyFy.