just one week of filming, the remake of Revenge of the Nerds has shut down. No, it’s not because everyone involved came to their senses; rather, the movie’s biggest location – Emory College in Atlanta – got the jitters over the film’s raunchy content and pulled out of their deal with Fox Atomic.

The production looked for other colleges in the Atlanta area, but realizing what a complete hellhole that city is [note from Nick: suck my dick, Devin], opted to put the whole picture on hiatus. The cast and crew remain intact, Fox Atomic says, even though they’re all being flown home. The film is now on a tight location deadline: over a third of the film was to be shot at Emory, and they still have many outdoor scenes to film – all of which take place in the autumn, when kids are going back to school. It’s November now, and the really cold weather – and snow – is on its way. I imagine what’s going to end up happening is that Revenge of the Nerds will invade some northern California school that doesn’t mind being associated with titties and keggers and some poor PA is going to get stuck gluing fake colorful leaves onto barren trees.