week I revealed to a heart-broken world that Gael Garcia Bernal would not be playing Paz, the super-assassin sent to kill Jason Bourne in The Bourne Ultimatum. Paul Greengrass wasn’t sitting still, though – he leapt into casting action and found himself a new bad guy, Edgar Ramirez.

Some of you – very few of you, actually, judging by the box office – know Ramirez as one the bounty hunter who nails Keira Knightley in Domino. I interviewed the guy at the time and it was one of those painful interviews, where there isn’t much from the movie to talk about and you don’t know any of the guy’s other work. But that’s not because he wasn’t good in Domino – he actually came out of that movie with something approaching a coherent performance, which is really a triumph. And I’ll tell you this much – while I love Bernal as an actor, Ramirez is way more believable as a killer.

Bourne Ultimatum is filming right now in London. This news broke on Empire Online – check out the latest issue of their magazine (with the Bryan Hitch superheroes cover) to see yours truly getting quoted on The Fountain!