2012 is certainly set to be a HUGE year for franchises as new ones start, big ones finish, and long-running ones continue. Bond, like PJ’s The Hobbit, will finally emerge from the MGM rubble to hit screens this year with its crew and cast intact, despite years of bullshit. It’s still a few hundred days before we’ll be watching Skyfall though, so there’s plenty of speculation and hype and excitement left to cultivate.

To help with that effort, 007.com has been refreshed and given a facelift. Bond is an old-school class act, so no Facebook page will be acting as its main face to the world, no twitter feed putting words in his mouth… no, 007 merits a website goddammit. A website with a flash-style hero slider, or as I like to call it, a “spinningy-image-wheel-dealie-thing.”

In any event, it’s a classy lookin’ joint, and you can use it to see press conference videos and generally keep up with the production. They’ve started things off with a cute little video, with footage of what looks like a camera test of some guy in a suit posing in the lobby of the production office while somebody runs a waterfall screensaver on a projector.

In the world of more general bond news there hasn’t been much, though a few tidbits are out there..

• Producer Michael G. Wilson says he would love to sign a deal with Daniel Craig that would seal him for another five bond movies and push his total to the top spot, ahead of Connery and Roger Moore (who shot 6 and 7 films respectively). Ultimately though, that’s just a big public compliment for the actor, rather than an actual indication of real negotiations.

• Ralph Fiennes has been quoted saying his Bond characters is “a government agent” and nothing else beyond that!

We’re keeping our eye out for more, though with casting pretty much complete and a shoot underway, we’ll just be waiting for stills and trailers pretty much.

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(via Collider and DarkHorizons)