slitherdvd While the movies CHUD loves seem to flounder in theatres, this is where DVD comes in. Hopefully you’ve bought one of the most entertaining movies of the year (if not, click here), showering Slither’s home video tracking rating to its proper place (numero uno), and foisted it upon all of those unwilling people who hadn’t seen the film with some duck tape over their orifices and some timely patience (these people are lovingly referred to as “fuckwits”).

Aside from the myriad of enjoyable scenes, it’s really James Gunn’s characters (read Devin’s interview with him here) and the situations they’re forced into that really makes me shower favorable praise onto it. Clark Gregg’s potty-mouthed mayor being a major catalyst. The DVD, meanwhile, is pretty stacked (check out our exclusive extra) with such exquisite features as ‘Who is Bill Pardy?,’ where Nathan Fillion is subjected to degradation on an epic scale. In addition, there are also these extras to whet your insatiable appetite:

- Audio commentary with Gunn and Fillion
- A Making-of: The Sick Minds and Slimy Days of Slither
- Slithery Set Tour with Fillion
- Brining Slither’s Creatures to Life
- Deleted Scenes
- Extended Scenes
- Gag Reel

More importantly, sitting right next to me is a Widescreen copy of Slither. And you could win it.

What you’ll need to do is e-mail with SLITHER DVD in the subject line. You’ll also need to give me your name, mailing address, and answer the questions below. Naturally, you’ll have to play by the rules, House, or this whole thing could quickly implode upon itself. You don’t want that.

1. What about Slither fires your loins?
2. Which Slither-themed drink would you have at a screening party? (this is definitely a congregational film made better through friends and liquor).
3. Tell me, in any means possible (whether it be drawings, poems, haikus, dirty lyrics, and/or questionable weblinks), why you want this DVD and how that urgent, salacious need puts you above everybody else.

Remember to follow the instructions above. Be creative! Don’t just give me one word answers. Those who do will fail. Hard.

I’ll pick one person at random and assuming they’ve accomplished everything correctly, I shall relinquish said DVD, with a few moments of silence, as it jumps out into the world to be watched, rewatched, and entertained for years to come. As always – good luck, God speed, and just fucking enter already.