you have been led to believe by the recent media saturation be damned: Borat is a classic.

With that in mind, the idea that Universal would pony up $42,500,000.00 for a feature film devoted to Bruno, the least interesting Sacha Baron Cohen character, is nutty to say the least. I didn’t want to like Ali G, but after I ran a blindly derogatory article on the character I ended up loving the HBO series (the movie was shitwheels), especially Borat’s stuff. Bruno just seems too familiar to me, a combination of that Jerky Boys character Jack Tors and the guy in the hair salon a couple of chairs down from my lady. Especially compared to Baron’s other two characters.

More power to him I guess, it just doesn’t seem to compute. Anyhow, according to The Hollywood Reporter, the above dollar figure was what it cost to lure Cohen to their side of the tracks with his fashionista character.

But go see Borat this weekend. It’s great and judging by this news, the last time you’ll be able to enjoy the man’s stuff without having to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the Sandlerites.