Van Damme fans, prepare to start a petition campaign. The goal of the petition will be to secure Jean-Claude a cameo in the new Street Fighter movie. No, this one has nothing to do with Sonny Chiba but rather the astonishingly hyper-extended video game franchise (what exactly is the difference between Super Street Fighter II and Street Fighter II Turbo and Street Fighter II Alpha and Street Fighter Ex2 anyway??) . Years after the original one killed Raul Julia with pure concentrated shame, someone is looking to bring the Hadoken back to the big screen.

The film is being produced by Hyde Park Films and Capcom, and it’s being targeted at a 2008 release, to tie in with the video game’s 20th anniversary. The plot will focus on Chun Li, the babe fighter, but Variety says “the exact storyline is being kept under wraps.” Which indicates that Variety believes there is now, or ever will be, a storyline beyond “They fight each other."

The big question is whether this film will suck because it’s a video game movie or technically a sort of remake. Physicists at MIT have created a formula showing that these two previously unmixed factors could combine to create an amount of suck so great spontaneous black holes could open in some theaters showing the movie.