you go buy Slither yesterday when it was released on DVD? If not, I don’t hate you. Yet. Maybe you need some extra convincing, and I’m happy to do some of that convincing here by bringing you a clip from the DVD’s copious and excellent special features, specifically from the “Bringing Slither’s Creatures to Life.”

What’s great about Slither is that director James Gunn insisted on making his monsters practical effects as much as possible. There’s CGI in the movie, but it’s usually in support of an actual, on set make-up or prop. The clip that we have talks about the design of the main monster’s tubules, which are very different from tentacles – but that’s all explained in the clip. The clip also includes one of my favorite lines in Slither, which doesn’t work in print at all but is gold coming out of Nathan Fillion’s mouth.

When you’re done watching this clip, click here to buy Slither on DVD!

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