With the American culture becoming obsessed with being the best and doing everything bigger it’s not shocking to see that documentaries have gone that route as well. Well not in the way you think. Yes, I would still say that about 90% of the documentaries that come out in any given year go completely unnoticed. While the other 10% are being driven by celebrity face or Michael Moore. I’m talking about a documentary that finally deals with the image we are being sold (yes sold) as Americans. The steroid induced image that’s very apparent and very real in the latest documentary BIGGER STRONGER FASTER* The side effects of being American.
I went in expecting a movie that was pro steroids from what the trailer presented, but what I got was a really human look at some of the reasons someone might take them. Sure they stick some science in there as well, but quite honestly that really doesn’t make a difference. The film makes it clear that there are few facts about steroids and most of them are neither pros or cons when it comes to use. This film doesn’t simply say: hey steroids are great so just go ahead
and take them. No, it does the one thing every documentary should do
when handling a controversial topic. Seek out the root of the problem.
The American image/mentality. You see what’s really important, and what I liked the most about this film, is that as Americans we have the mentality that desires steroids.
Three brothers are followed from childhood as they struggle to be as American as possible by being the biggest and strongest. They follow the role models of their youth and succumb to the pressures of competitive sports. It becomes sad to see grown men struggle for the acceptance that their childhood heros had and its even easier to relate because they are probably most of our heros as well. The film is a little long and does drag a little, but these guys and their family sucks you back in.
It’s an addicition like so many things in life that are hard to beat, but the real addiction is this American mentality of being the best at all costs. Go check this documentary out even if you don’t care about steroids because steroids aren’t the problem, I think its America.