I saw the documentary Cocaine Cowboys a couple of months ago, I walked out the theater with the strong urge to play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and do a couple of lines. I split the difference and watched Scarface.

The film is an incredibly entertaining and astonishingly educational look at the world of coke kingpins in Miami in the 80s. Watching Scarface that night, I realized DePalma’s operatic madness actually paled in comparison to the reality; a female coke kingpin named her son Michael Corleone. Her reign makes Tony Montana’s body count seem slight.

CHUD is lucky enough to get an exclusive clip from this film, and it’s a doozy. Be aware that the clip contains real dead people filled with real bullet holes laying in pools of real blood. The clip is part of the reminiscences of a cartel hitman, now serving life and change in prison, where he talks about being sent with a crew to kill a guy who owed some money. This being Miami in the 80s, it was unfortunate that the guy’s wife and children happened to be home…

Click here to watch the (admittedly small) Quicktime clip. And don’t do drugs. And check out the trailer for the film at the Cocaine Cowboys website.