lot of you aren’t going to like hearing this, but getting excited about a Fraggle Rock movie will make you exceptionally suspect. If you have kids at least you can pretend that you’re excited that your kids will have a chance to get into something you liked when you were younger, but if you’re childless – well, let’s just say that I’m picturing you sitting there wearing a selection from the John Mark Karr line of polo shirts.

Zappa-spawn Ahmet is writing the screenplay for the newly announced mini-Muppet movie, which will take the Fraggles out of the hole they live in to interact with the people who live in “outer space,” which apparently means humans.

"I’m very excited to be working with The Jim Henson Company on this project," said Ahmet Zappa. "So much of my childhood was spent watching ‘Fraggle Rock’ … I never missed an episode! I’m also really looking forward to using music to tell the story; it played such a central role in the original series and truly helped create the ‘Fraggle Rock’ that we know and love today."

Probably the biggest item of news is that the film is being produced by a guy named Jason Lust who, if his name is any indication, might be some kind of porn star.