Christopher Nolan said that he wanted to base The Dark Knight’s Joker more on the villain’s early appearances, he wasn’t kidding. It turns out the guy who co-created the Joker may be working on the movie.

Daniel Robert Epstein was taking the rings off patient’s fingers at a nursing home when he ran into Jerry Robinson, who gave Robin his name and came up with the original Joker concept. Robinson was Bob Kane’s inker and letterer on the early Batman comics, and took over penciling when Kane left to do the Batman newspaper strip.

Robinson told Epstein that Batman Begins was his favorite Batman movie. “I was more impressed with the last one [Batman Begins] than the others. I didn’t care for most of the others, mostly the writing and not necessarily the acting. I hope the next one [The Dark Knight] will be good. I might be acting as a consultant on that.”

The old fella remained humble, insisting that his consulting wasn’t a done deal. But if he does get the gig, he has high hopes. "I hope it’ll be the best one." Take that, Joel Schumacher.

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