a lot of ways Steven Soderbergh’s new WWII movie The Good German is the quantum mystery in this Oscar season – no one has seen it yet, and so, like Schrodinger’s cat, it remains a contender and not at the same time. Now the box is beginning to really open; first we had that gorgeous, Casablanca-inspired poster and now there’s a fantastic trailer that had me sold less than a minute in.

Click here to see the Quicktime trailer for the film, which reveals some elements of the basic story, such as George Clooney’s relationship with a psychotic-seeming Toby Maguire and a sultry and Germanic Cate Blanchett, as well as hints at the deeper mystery behind the whole thing. The movie looks glorious in black and white, and I don’t think any modern actor looks better drained of color than George Clooney.