, I did not get to see Guillermo del Toro while he was in town for the New York Film Festival, which featured Pan’s Labyrinth as the closing night film. He was just too busy, and by the time he got to the party for his movie on Sunday night he was exhausted. While I was in one corner ogling the astonishingly still sexy as hell Helen Mirren, Guillermo slipped in and out of the party in no time flat.

I talked to him briefly as he was on his way to Newark Airport, about to get on a flight to Mexico to continue promoting Pan’s. He was still exhausted but in great spirits – Pan’s had opened in Spain to fantastic numbers the weekend before. While he’s tying the bow on this particular cinematic gift (opening in the US at the end of December), Guillermo’s also looking ahead to his next film, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, as well as considering the future of that franchise.

And that future could include… Frankenstein? Guillermo has told IGN that now that Hellboy lives at Universal he would love to dip into their collection of famous monsters. “[Mike] Mignola, when we closed the deal with Universal, we both looked at each other and just said, ‘Frankenstein!’" he said.

"I would love to [go with the classic versions], I would love to," explains Guillermo, making sure we don’t think he would ever want to go Stevie Sommers on these characters. "We talked briefly about this because I think it is such a great possibility for the future, to do that either in the animated universe or in another universe we create just for that. I remember seeing the test footage for the animated Frankenstein they were making years ago. Black & white… it is just spine-tingling. Your hair stands on an end because it was of such beauty."

For more on Guillermo’s dreams of having Hellboy meet the Gill Man, as well as how Hellboy 2 sets up Hellboy 3, head over to IGN.