I haven’t taken part in a particularly elaborate Christmas for many years, so that combined with how much of a production nerd I am means I can pretty safely say that Peter Jackson provided me with the best gift of my entire Holiday season. This came in the form of another amazing production journal from the The Hobbit crew, this one digging deep into the logistics of managing a $500m production with hundreds of cast and crew. It’s stunning to get a glimpse of the NASA-level planning required to move hundreds of vehicles, thousands of peoples, and millions of dollars worth of equipment across a country and to the dozens of location sets. This is the exciting, day-to-day magic that makes these big movies happen.

This would be a fascinating video no matter what film it was focused on, but it revolving around The Hobbit makes it all the more exciting. I love getting the sense from PJ that even he is in awe of a process that happens largely independent of his specific involvement.

Jackson is such a charming host for these videos, and the confidence radiating from the center of all this complexity is something to behold. It’s also fun being able to watch such an open behind-the-scenes and not feel particularly spoiled, since the tale and the universe are so familiar already. In any event, PJ promises another video soon after the New Year, so we won’t have long to wait for another glimpse. Until then, make sure your caught up with all four of the videos so far (I’ve included them below in reverse order), including the one that tackles the 48fps, 3D, RED Epic workflow the film is being produced with.

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