“Hey! It’s his career! He must hate his career! Stay away from his career!”

Eddie Murphy has not learned the tough lessons of his (and Chris Rock’s) past. This is the only reason I can imagine for him signing on to a film whose basic pitch sounds like “Pluto Nash meets Osmosis Jones!” – Starship Dave. In the movie Murphy plays the captain of a crew of miniature humans from a doomed world who have come to Earth. He also plays their spaceship, which I guess is Dave. And which I guess is clever, and probably the source of some "wacky" fish out of water comedy as people try to relate to the humanoid starship.

What’s up with Murphy’s need to play multiple characters in everything? It was funny the first few times, and it actually made sense in Bowfinger, but at this point it seems like he’s just grasping at schtick. How about making a movie where 80% of the joke isn’t that you’re every single character, Eddie? If I had known this is where it would end up I would never have smuggled that tape of Delirious into grammar school and made everyone listen.

Starship Dave is being directed by the same hack who is behind Murphy’s next “Look at how many roles I can play” movie, Norbit. He’s also the same guy who directed the Shaggy Dog remake. Brian Robbins is his name, and I am going to bet that his whole skillset involves doing whatever the lead actor tells him to do… and dealing with craft services.