far Jon Favreau’s casting choices for his Iron Man movie have been impeccable, with Robert Downey Jr signing on as Tony Stark and Terence Howard signing on as Rhodey, but maybe Favs’ well only runs so deep. He seems to be stuck in regards to casting one of the female leads, and he has turned to the lost boys and girls of MySpace to give him some ideas.

The character is Pepper Potts (an almost Bond-ian name, if Pepper Potts could be construed as something filthy). She’s Tony’s executive secretary; in the comics she was in love with Mr. Stark until she ended up getting with his chauffeur, whose name – I shit you not – was Happy Hogan.

The suggestions – and there are 13 pages of them as I write this – run the gamut from the usual geek stuff (ie, anyone who has ever been in a Joss Whedon show) to the usual jack off stuff (ie, anyone who has ever posed in FHM or Maxim).

It would be wild if Favs ended up casting his Pepper based on a MySpace post, but the sheer volume of suggestions indicates that no matter who he casts, that woman’s name will have been mentioned.

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