The Graboid is a regular feature of CHUD, a game played between us and the Chewers, where we “grab” a still from a movie and invite the readers to try to guess from which film it came. It has both its regular (i.e. rabid) and its casual players as well. We keep track of who has amassed the most successful guesses and we compile them for this year-end tally below. On Christmas, we completed the year-long competition with a massive grabfest called Armagrabbon. It was a Christmas filled with triumph, heartache, and giant worms adorning Chewers’ trophy cases. The results from the year of Graboid are below.  And a big thanks to everybody who made it another fun year of grabbin’.


When I took over doing the Graboid some 2.5 years ago, the first entry was Road House.  And the first Grabber was Manny Fraker.  Since then, he’s taken down 92 of the things, an all-time record.  This includes a ridiculous 71 this year alone.  Manny was like a dog with a bone…or rather maybe, a sabretooth with a hunk of meat.  He wasn’t letting that bitch go…unless it was to eat the guy trying to take it away from him.  Manny killed 18 Graboids at Armagrabbon, and were it not for some flimsy excuse like spending time with his family on Christmas, we fully suspect there would have been more.

By the sheer number of worm carcasses buried in this guy’s back yard, Manny is the undisputed greatest Graboid hunter of them all and thus the exalted high Grand Poobah for 2011.  Manny, your brilliance dazzles us like a diamond in the sun, and to that brilliance we must all kneel before you like you were Zod. ‘Cause you are the Graboid-killing Kryptonian.

Manny Fraker Swordfish 1/26
Training Day 5/18
Phantasm II 2/2
You Only Live Twice 12/25
For Your Eyes Only 12/25
Major League 1/26
The Rookie 1/24
I Heart Huckabees 11/2
On Her Majesty’s Secret Service 1/23
The Fly 9/23
The Godfather 5/12
Bridge on the River Kwai 5/23
Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires 5/24
Menace II Society 5/30
Marnie (Trailer) 6/9
On The Waterfront 6/14
Carnal Knowledge 6/15
The Wraith 6/16
Born on the Fourth of July 6/28
Hondo 7/7
Faster 7/13
Death Wish 7/15
Ocean’s 11 (1960) 7/18
Stephen King’s It 7/19
How Green Was My Valley 7/20
Backdraft 7/29
Krush Groove 8/9
Invasion USA 8/11
Mahogany 8/12
Contagion 9/13
Executioners From Shaolin 9/19
Little Big League 9/28
Fast Break 10/10
Eddie 10/11
Love and Basketball 10/14
Children of the Corn 10/31
Halloween 4 10/31
Critters 2 10/31
Delta Force 11/7
Breaker! Breaker! 11/10
West Side Story 11/18
Jingle All The Way 11/21
Shocker 11/23
Vanishing Point 11/24
Convoy 11/24
Who’s Harry Crumb? 11/24
Fluke 11/24
Sunset Boulevard 11/24
The Birds (Trailer) 11/24
The Dirty Dozen 11/24
Unforgiven 11/24
Igby Goes Down 11/24
Hoosiers 12/16
Sophie’sChoice 12/25
Verdict 12/25
AboutLastNight 12/25
Deliverance 12/25
Vertigo 12/25
Clue 12/25
Bullitt 12/25
Showgirls 12/25
Getaway 12/25
Holes 12/20
Maximum Overdrive 12/25
American Graffiti 12/25
In the Company of Men 12/25
Touch of Evil 12/25
Drowning Pool 12/25
French Connection 12/25
Streets of Gold 12/25


Jexxon was the 2011 Silver Medalist with 55 total Graboids. That’s more than the Grand Poobah bagged last year, which shows you the level of competition this past 12 months.  Right before the holiday season kicked off, Jexxon had an impressive total of 21 Graboids.  Come Thanksgrabbing and Armagrabbon, though, he kicked it up a notch or two and scored an insane 31 Graboids, including a record 23 on Armagrabbon.  Not only was he making it a couple of bad holidays for the worms, but for the competition as well.  Jexxon, you’re the Grinch of Graboid killin’.  Well done.

Jexxon Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country 2/6
Thunderball 12/25
Titanic 5/17
Hollow Man 3/7
After the Sunset 10/12
Superman Returns 12/25
Wrestlemania III 1/7
The Empire Strikes Back 1/28
Highlander 2/19
Transformers: Dark of the Moon 5/5
Force 10 From Navarone 5/27
[Rec] 6/24
Yankee Doodle Dandy 6/27
Fort Apache 7/5
The Searchers 7/6
Rio Bravo 7/8
The Naked Gun 8/8
Far and Away 8/16
Blitz 8/30
Braddock: Missing In Action III 9/6
American Samurai 9/8
Shriek If You Know 10/31
Scream 4 10/31
Top Dog 11/8
The Hitman 11/11
Harry Potter…Azkaban 11/24
The Great Dictator 11/24
The Duchess and the Dirtwater Fox 11/24
Ishtar 11/24
An American In Paris 11/24
Gigi 11/24
Sugarland Express 11/24
Lone Wolf McQuade 11/24
Cursed 12/14
Gate 12/25
CHUD 12/25
LostHighway 12/25
Always 12/25
BroadcastNews 12/25
Syriana 12/25
Duellists 12/25
Twilight 12/25
Shaft 12/25
Antichrist 12/25
Mogambo 12/25
From Here To Eternity 12/25
Blood of Heroes 12/25
Zero Effect 12/25
A Walk on the Moon 12/25
Prince of Tides 12/25
Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban 12/25
Jason and the Argonauts 12/25
Diving Bell and the Butterfly 12/25
Switching Channels 12/25
In The Bedroom 12/25


Teitr was the runner-up in 2010.  At last year’s Grabbies, I called him the Scariest Dude in the Game.  The guy could appear out of nowhere and just snatch a Graboid out of thin air or grind out the answer with the best of them.  He wasn’t around quite as much this year, but he was never far away and still bagged 26 worm trophies for the den, including 8 at Armagrabbon.  Teitr, say it loud: “I’m Bronze and I’m Proud!”  More importantly, you’re still a scary dude at this game.  When Graboids see you, they run…er slither away.

Teitr Styrr Sneakers 12/25
In Bruges 12/25
Rambo 1/9
Top Gun 1/12
Superman/Batman: Apocalypse 1/30
Miss Congeniality 2/14
Thor 2/17
The Godfather 2/22
Fast and Furious 3/3
World Trade Center 5/3
The Crazies 9/29
Super 8 6/21
Boondock Saints 8/1
Crazy/Beautiful 8/23
Colombiana 9/12
Serenity 9/22
Major League: Back to the Minors 9/26
Gremlins 10/31
A Beautiful Mind 11/17
TrollHunter 12/25
Darkness 12/25
Ladyhawke 12/25
Transformers 12/25
Friday the 13th (2009) 12/19
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets 12/25
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix 12/25


RCA has taken down 23 Graboids this year, all from the Windy City.  He’s just like Scarface Al: if he saw a Graboid he didn’t like, he made it disappear.

RCA Coming To America 10/13
Phantasm II 5/31
Freakonomics 2/8
For Colored Girls 4/20
Vanilla Sky 5/2
Rain of Madness 5/10
The Expendables 6/7
The Crazies 6/20
The Patriot 6/29
Sea of Love 7/26
Flesh and Bone 7/27
A Shot at Glory 7/28
The Curse 8/2
Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark 8/17
Ravenous 8/18
Graboid With Benefits 9/12
The Replacements 10/4
Brian’s Song (2001) 10/7
Halloween 4 10/31
Halloween (2007) 10/31
Hellraiser 10/31
Surviving Christmas 12/12
A Christmas Story 12/13


The two-time defending Grand Poobah has been busy this year off making movies rather than bagging worms.  Of course, that didn’t stop him from showing up at Armagrabbon and snagging 15 of the subterranean bastards.  Up until very very recently, Walter (aka Rich) was the all time leader in Graboids killed.  The new Grand Poobah had to work his ass off to catch this guy and take the crown.  But there’s little doubt to those of us who play the game regularly that Rich is the Professor of Graboid.  You have earned your worm-killing tenure, sir.

Walter The Einstein Frog Lethal Weapon 2 2/9
New Jack City 2/20
A Few Good Men 3/6
Minority Report 5/4
Mission: Impossible III 5/6
American Ninja 9/7
Home Alone 3 12/25
Disturbia 12/25
Labyrinth 12/25
Irreversible 12/25
Heist 12/25
Striptease 12/25
Ivanhoe 12/25
Expendables 12/25
Legend 12/25
Invasion of the Body Snatchers 12/25
The Green Slime 12/25
Trancers 12/25
Towering Inferno 12/25
Great Train Robbery 12/25


The guy’s handle may be Hammerhead, but it doesn’t do him justice when it comes to Graboid killin’.  He bagged 17 of them this year.  There’s a reason Graboids don’t go in the ocean…

Hammerhead Entrapment 2/23
Kontroll 1/3
Diamonds Are Forever 1/15
Fantastic Four (1994) 4/27
Wonder Woman (1974) 4/29
Lady Beware 5/20
Sink The Bismarck! 6/10
Instinct 8/25
The Best of Times 10/6
The Muppet Movie 11/24
Metropolis 11/24
Ultraviolet 11/24
They Were Expendable 12/25
King’s Speech 12/25
Viva Las Vegas 12/25
Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo 12/25
Yellow Submarine 12/25


Art Decade bagged 11 Graboids.  Yo, that’s major.

Art Decade Wyatt Earp 7/4
Don Juan Demarco 7/25
Can’t Stop The Music 8/10
All That Jazz 8/19
The Postman 8/26
The Perfect Weapon 9/9
The Help 9/15
Everybody’s All American 10/5
Gremlins 2 10/31
SomewhereTime 12/25
Score 12/25


DanODwyer and Clarence Boddicker both snagged eight worms.  Graboids, leave.

DanODwyer Rush Hour 2 3/16
Cradle 2 The Grave 12/22
Blade: Trinity 1/13
Finding Nemo 1/18
Predator 2 1/19
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines 1/27
Trust 2/18
Stargate 4/13
Clarence Boddicker Diary Of A Mad Black Woman 4/22
The Rookie 6/1
Paranormal Activity 2/27
I Know What You Did Last Summer 10/31
Halloween 6 10/31
Tourist Trap 12/25
Harlan County USA 12/25
Gone With The Wind 12/25


Ratty took seven Graboids.  He found that the second was much easier than the first.

Ratty Kill Bill, Vol. 1 7/11
Aeon Flux 3/8
Superman IV: The Quest For Peace 4/25
Corvette Summer 5/25
Edge of Darkness 7/12
The Blob (1988) 10/3
Return of the Dragon 11/9


The following took down between 2 and 5 Graboids.

PAJohnDoe78 Iron Man 12/25
A Christmas Story 12/25
Devil 12/25
Thing (2011) 12/25
Beyond The Mat 12/25
CrossFire Pet Sematary 6/17
Simon Birch 9/27
Wrestlemania VI 11/24
Pure Country 11/24
American Beauty 11/24
Snacky Cakes Five Deadly Venoms 9/21
Saturn 3 12/25
The Hand 12/25
No Holds Barred 12/25
bendrix Duplicity 8/3
Revolution 6/30
50 First Dates 8/5
Blades of Glory 11/14
andrewhawkins Hellraiser III 10/31
Phantasm IV 10/31
Phantasm 10/31
Critters 3 10/31
mcnooj82 Source Code 11/15
Happy Gilmore 11/22
Bunnygod Dirty Harry 9/1
Graboid With Benefits 9/1
soylentgreen Captain America: The First Avenger 4/25
The Punisher (1989) 4/26
John Adams 7/1
Soilent Green Men In Black 2/15
Batman: Under the Red Hood 4/3
Children of Men 12/25
Dross Quarantine 6/22
Shark Night 3D 9/16
Graboid With Benefits 9/2
jlove Fast & Furious 7/14
Avatar 6/3
The Losers 6/6
OhioJones The Godfather 3/1
Hellboy II: The Golden Army 2/28
Lethal Weapon 8/29
sampanaflex Neighbors 11/24
Night Hawks 11/24
Tomas Mejor Knocked Up 2/15
Saw 3D 2/7
Shift_marv The A-Team 1/16
G.I. Joe: The Movie 4/4

The 99%

These guys all killed one.  Then they retreated to their tents and smoked some weed.

alexc. X-Men 1.5 2/25
Shunderson Sleepless In Seattle 3/14
BlabedAboutMars True Lies 4/11
Goatman Hoof Eagle Eye 5/11
dirkomatic The Soloist 5/13
Clevon (TB) Fight Club 5/16
umbertoEco The Kindred 5/19
handsfrozen Sorority Row 5/26
Tati Inside Man 2/16
baywach Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen 3/13
jlovee Black Moon Rising 6/23
Phooka Troll 12/15
Sairus Super Mario Bros. 7/21
RatFink Conan The Barbarian (2011) 7/22
friedgold X-Men: First Class 9/20
Mr. Coombs The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift 1/21
Cobb Cobb 9/30
Dalyn Critters 10/31
Judas Booth Michael Collins 8/4
BTScharuk The Fly 1/29
kentares Deep Rising 12/21
Greg Clark Kingdom of the Spiders 12/25
JacknifeJohnny The Fifth Element 12/23