! Yesterday the legions of internetters rushing to see the hilarious new teasers for Hot Fuzz laid the smack down upon Working Title’s servers. But now it’s all better and fixed and can handle your craving for lots and lots of Fuzzy Quicktime. Click here for it!

I can’t decide which is my favorite of the two new Hot Fuzz teaser trailers. Is it the first one, with the awesome action montage at the end? Or is it the second one, which has a killer callback to a Shaun of the Dead joke, yet still works on its own? Thank God I don’t have to make this Sophie’s Choice.

Yes, two amazing Hot Fuzz teaser trailers are online to take your mind off the sanctions against North Korea. Hot Fuzz stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost, and is directed by Edgar Wright – the same team that brought us the already classic Shaun of the Dead*. This time they’re looking at cop films, taking their inspiration from movies like Lethal Weapon, Point Break and Bad Boys. But it’s not a spoof – it’s just an American style action film set in a small British country town.

By the way, Edgar tells me there’s a cash prize for guessing the opening music in the second teaser. I’m thinking it’s from one of the Lethal Weapons. What say you?

Click here to see the teasers in beautiful Quicktime.

* I have met exactly ONE person who didn’t like Shaun – it was the girlfriend of some guy I briefly knew. The obvious advice was to kick her ass to the curb immediately.