love for Tim Burton’s (and Henry Selick’s) The Nightmare Before Christmas is widespread and powerful in a way akin to A Christmas Story, neither of which I’m what you’d call a devotee of. I understand it, I’m just part of it.

That said, when I heard there was a 3-D digital re-release of the former, I was immediately intrigued and excited. How could you not be interested in seeing that spectable on such a gorgeous canvas?

You can’t.

Which is why I need you folks to reply to this screening invite TODAY or TOMORROW so I can get passes in the mail in time for Thursday’s screening. I’m in rural Virginia right now and have to scramble these passes into the mail after grabbing them this weekend during an all-too-brief Atlanta visit.

If you live in Atlanta, Charlotte, or Nashville this is a screening you’ll want to make. Actually, I’m close to the latter two, so Atlanta folks may need to make the bum’s rush to their email client. No fancy questions, just a simple email link and for the love of all that flies with leathery wings… INCLUDE YOUR MAILING ADDRESS!