So there was a bit of gun-jumping yesterday as the appearance of a new Disney movie on the studio’s slate called Frozen just happened to align with the previously stated date (November 27th, 2013) for Pixar’s Untitled Movie About Dinosaurs. While that project is about an alternate timeline in which the big asteroid and subsequent ice age never happened and dinosaurs continued living along with people, it’s not entirely difficult to imagine it having the title Frozen. Turns out though, that the Pixsaur movie has evidently vacated that date and Frozen is actually the new life of an old Disney hand-drawn project that Disney master Glen Keane (who worked on many of the 90s “new golden-age” Disney flicks like Aladdin) worked on before Tangled.

Empire has a synopsis for the newly reinvigorated project…

The story, of course, is Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen and involves Kay, whose mind is twisted when his heart and eyes are pierced by shards of an evil troll mirror. He’s then willingly abducted by the Snow Queen, who travels the world with the winter weather. Kay’s playmate, neighbour and sweetheart Gerda however, still believes in him and sets out on an epic quest to retrieve him from the Snow Queen’s palace.

What remains to be seen is if this is still at all intended to be hand-drawn, and where in the hell the Pixar Dino movie has ended up on the calendar. As for the first, I’d say it’s unlikely considering Keane’s Tangled was started as a hand-drawn project and obviously didn’t remain one, and I don’t know that the Lasseter mandate for more cel-animated project is still in effect. As for the later… no idea, but I hope to hear soon.

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Trivia: I was 12 years old when Disney’s Dinosaur was released, and it was the first film that I knew, as I was watching it in the theater, that it was an unequivocal piece of shit.