are certain actors who are CHUD favorites, and the latest guy to top that list has to be Paddy Considine, a fantastic actor who brings greatness even to films like Cinderella Man. American audiences got a really good look at what the guy can do this year when his crazy-ex-military-guy-becomes-a-Death-Wish -style-killer-but-done-in-an-indie-way film Dead Man’s Shoes finally hit these shores.

Now he’s getting to work with one of CHUD’s favorite directors, Paul Greengrass. Considine has been cast in The Bourne Ultimatum, shooting now in Europe and Africa. While I think Considine would make a terrific super-assassin – a role that has gone out to Gael Garcia Bernal (and by the way, I kind of like that the Bourne world is filled with killers with model looks. It’s like Zoolander II!) – he’ll be playing a London journalist tracking down a former CIA chief. Since this film is about Jason Bourne seeking the answers to the mystery of his past, I imagine that Considine will be helping him out.