This is pretty much just reporting on a possible cameo, so I’ll keep it brief and see what you guys think.

James Franco may have circled back around to one of the many projects he flirted with on his expansive docket of potentials, Lovelace. Where he was originally going to play a major role as Deep Throat actress Linda Lovelace’s shitty, abusive husband, scheduling took him off the project. Now he may return to it in a stunt/cameo capacity, putting on the Playboy robe as Hugh Hefner.

What’s funny is that this would only be for a brief scene, taking a single day to shoot, and yet it’s apparently still a struggle to get the scheduling lined up between the actor and the production.

If Franco does end up joining the cast, he’ll be among names like Amanda Seyfried (taking on the title role), Susan Sarandon, Hank Azaria, and Peter Sarsgaard.

Think you could buy the ultimate raiser of the apes as the ultimate raiser of the bunnies?

Source | THR