Eick is one of the guys behind the amazing relaunch of Battlestar Galactica. Now he’s setting his sights on another cheesy 70s show: The Bionic Woman. Yes, the Six Million Dollar Man’s girlfriend is getting a new life on television.

"It’s a complete reconceptualization of the title," Eick told Daily Variety. "We’re using the title as a starting point, and that’s all." This is similar to what Eick and Ron Moore did with Galactica, but much more severe. That show kept characters and concepts, and has even reworked whole storylines.

The new Bionic Woman will be very different from Galactica. "It’s using the idea of artificial technology as a metaphor for what contemporary women sometimes feel is necessary to do everything that needs to be done," Eick said. This concept makes me nervous – is he doing a domestic comedy with bionics?

Eick will be working with Laeta Kalogridis on the show – Kalogridis was behind the Birds of Prey show, and is writing The Dive and Battle Angel with James Cameron. She told Eick that The Bionic Woman was the reason she got into showbiz in the first place.

I know that a lot of Galactica’s brilliance comes from Ron Moore, but Eick seems really nice on the videoblogs (faint praise, but I seriously don’t know what the hell he does on the show. It seems like he supervises the work on set in Vancouver while Moore is back with the writers in LA). And honestly, if he totally fucks up the Bionic Woman I won’t be phased in the least. Now, if Steve Austin shows up and he’s a bionic sissy or something…