season two of Entourage Vin was cast in the lead role of an Aquaman movie, a concept that was hilarious on its very face – Aquaman is the silliest superhero of all. And then he appeared on Smallville and got himself a pilot on the WB. The show wasn’t picked up, but man was that weird.

Last season Vin got involved in a Ramones movie. They’re fellow Queens boys, after all. And what do you know showed up in Variety today? A Ramones movie. A Ramones movie from the guy behind Romano. Ray Ramano. Rory Rosegarten, Ray Romano’s exec producer on Everybody Loves Raymond, has a Ramones movie. Rory Rosegarten, Ray Romano, the Ramones.

The movie is to be based on I Slept With Joey Ramone, which Mickey Leigh, Joey’s real brother, wrote (with the help of Legs McNeil). It took Rory Rosegarten, late of Ray Romano’s show, a year to get Ramones rights recouped. The big victory was getting the rights to the band’s songs from Joey’s mom, Charlotte Lesher.

I guess there’s something fittingly ironic about the executive producer of one of the most banal sitcoms ever overseeing a movie about the band who sang We’re a Happy Family.