told me that The Departed is tracking at 15 million
for the weekend, which is horrible. What’s worse is that the big tracking
failures of the year – the films that tracked poorly and shocked everyone when
they did well – were younger skewing movies, because the tracking methods
apparently aren’t taking how the kids today text and use the internet. If only
Mark Foley had a job doing tracking…

At any rate, fuck that tracking number. The Departed is a
GREAT movie, and the vast majority of the critics agree. And not only is it a
great movie, it’s a great Scorsese movie, which means it’s got violence and
awful, awful language to spare. In the ever-so correct 21st century
Scorsese doesn’t hesitate when it comes to racial slurs or having his heroes
call people faggots. And in William Monahan, Scorsese has found a likeminded
collaborator, a man who brings poetry to profanity the way Marty brings poetry
to sudden violence.

Before you go to see The Departed two or three times
this weekend, hunker down with this sound board made up of some of the choicer
curses in the film. The quotes from Alec Baldwin are particularly sweet.

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