Honestly, man, I can’t afford the ticket.

Suffragette City

XMENLASTSTAND I make no bones about my veritable dislike of Brett Ratner’s X-Men: The Last Stand (read Devin’s so-so review), particularly because it’s moderately maddening. Evidentially, he’s a charming guy, but I’d rather not jump onto the “Hackner” train, since I’ll cop to enjoying a film or two he’s made in the past (yes, that was me hollering “divorce!” to Tea Leoni during your Family Man matinee). The X-Men convoy, on its third try out, is damaged. It’s a bulging mess of a film that oddly crescendos on a meandering sequence involving a hero scuffing up a dirt mound to stab someone. I was full-on chuckling at the operatic falsehoods exploding on screen as my friends feigned intensive hatred and continued to file down their teeth into paste. And they, like I, enjoyed the previous films. Separated from Bryan Singer’s versions, Ratner’s succumbs badly to the ravages of an abundance of adequacy. The DVD will advise you to Take a Stand or Join the Brotherhood. It’d probably be best to just punch a testicle.

Po Czyjej Stronie Bedziesz? – with:
- Audio commentary with Brett Ratner and Writers Zak Penn and Simon Kinberg
- Audio commentary with Producers Avi Arad, Lauren Shuler Donner, and Ralph Winter
- Deleted scenes with optional commentary
- 3 alternate endings with optional commentary
- Trailers
- Special Collector’s Edition also features an exclusive original mini-comic written by Stan Lee

THANKS SMOKERJason Reitman, son of Ivan, has an acidic satire in the form of Thank You For Smoking. It’s a funny film, one of moments punctuated with sheer lunacy that you’ll either be won over or ambivalent. You can’t, however, be the latter when Rob Lowe shows up in one shot in a geisha costume. You can if Katie Holmes does what the C+C Music Factory threatened to do – make you go hmmm. Lowe’s exploitative agent is one of the many parts on Smoking’s wheel that makes it go ‘round – the cog in the center being Aaron “think about the future” Eckhart’s immersion into the scum and depravity that makes our country like Ali. As a lobbyist fronting BIG TOBACCO, Eckhart’s forays into lying, smiling, and dealing have diminished his home life and his soul, much to our enjoyment. Reitman, working tersely and quick zinging entertaining moments right past our sorry states, has parlayed an effective comedic journey ahead of him. Hopefully he won’t walk the evolutionary pattern by his dad’s later career.

Impale your Mom on a spike – with:
- Audio commentary with Reitman and the cast
- The Charlie Rose Show interview with Jason Reitman, Aaron Eckhart, Christopher Buckley and David O. Sacks
- 2 featurettes (The Making of Thank You For Smoking and America: Living in Spin)
- Some deleted scenes
- Trailer

CALVAIREThe Belgians trek deep into the woods and emerge triumphantly quivering – in the good, breakin’ the 8th Commandment way – with Calvaire. Aside from the tagline that regurgitates the DeVito/Lawrence POS, it’s been getting positive marks about its subject matter, a deliberate prod and massage on Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Misery, and Deliverance, mostly without the pain suffered from personal reenactments of Ned Beatty’s misfortunes. The wanderlust of traveling musician Marc turns tails for his car, as it breaks down in the rural oddness of backwoods France. With the promise of a quick fix, he heads down to the local Inn with the idea that owner Bartel will take care of it. We all know that’s not what happens, and with that come long-forgotten Alabama memories scattered briefly with a dash of eternal pain and suffering. This sounds Tony the Tiger great.

Kill for company – with:
- Making-of
- Weblinks
- U.S. theatrical trailer

ABOMINABLERyan Schifrin’s Abominable is, as Devin puts it, “a goddamn blast of a monster movie” (read the interview). It doesn’t also hurt if your dad is a famed composer and contributes heavily to the atmospheric mood. Plus, if you saw it on the Sci-Fi channel, you really haven’t seen the entire scenario. Schifrin’s film has some ridiculous face munching and a plethora of nudity that should send the young kid in you back to the days when it was young and innocent on available quite freely on HBO. Besides the amazingly wonderful Drew Struzan poster, lock your lovelorn eyes with Jeffrey Combs, Lance Henriksen, Matt McCoy, Dee Wallace-Stone, and the mighty Paul Gleason, all who run into the Yeti as it cuts a swath across the land not unlike your Mother’s post-divorce sexual prowess. This instantly should make it worthwhile.

Another Darwin Award comin’ up – with:
- Audio commentary with writer/director Ryan Schifrin, Actors Matt McCoy and Jeffrey Combs
- Back to genre: Making Abominable
- Shadows: Director Ryan Schifrin’s USC Student Film
- Some deleted and Extended Scenes
- Outtakes and Bloopers
- Poster, Storyboards, & Stills Gallery
- Screenplay (DVD-ROM)
- Trailers

WOODSLucky McKee’s second (and previously shelved) effort The Woods will feel like someone violated you after his muddled contribution to Masters of Horror. McKee’s previous work, the wonderful May, established his strong connection to the state of modern horror, with his psychological probing into more classical themes. The Woods, on the contrary, seems as if he’s delved into referencing the intensive dread of the masters like Argento and De Palma (you know it to be true), as it supposedly mines the more ambient aura surrounding the mysterious disappearances of young girls from a private boarding school. Patricia Clarkson is in it, and I think she’s terrific. As an extension of that, there’s also Agnes Bruckner and The Chin, who’ll probably be the main extension why you’ll watch this.

Hang out, eat some melons – with:
- Previews

EDMONDStuart Gordon teams up with David Mamet for Edmond and the results aren’t quite what you think. First off, there’s Devin’s informative Gordon interview. Secondly, going into this movie, one has to realize that it’s more a comment on the state of the human physique, of the inherent power it has over all of us and the abilities it has to spout hatred at any cost. Take note George Allen. William H. Macy is the man for whom the catalyst of change comes apparent, and with it comes the need of a lack of self-control. Trouble comes a-brewin’, courtesy of Mamet’s words, all of which involve Macy’s Edmond transforming into all that is unrighteous. As evidenced in all of their previous individual works, Mamet and Gordon being together means something shortbus special.

Madness is self-indulgence – with:
- Audio commentary with Mamet and Gordon
- Anatomy of a Thriller
- Some deleted scenes
- Trailers

BODY DOUBLE DOUBLE SEThe claims that Brian De Palma (read this interview) was a sexist, misogynist were given a swift kick in the brass ones with Body Double. Whereas his stylistic thrillers/homages Dressed to Kill and the spectacular Blow Out are argued to be more enjoyable and well-crafted, Body Double all-out snuffs its wobbly inhibitions in your prudish morals, especially since my first interaction with it was like many – seeing that voyeuristic puttin’-down-the-blinds poster in the video store. The imagery alone was almost enough to drive puberty into maximum overdrive. It’s been called a “declaration against his critics” by many, and it’s not difficult to see that logic. Regurgitating shelved memories brings back the scene with Melanie Griffith telling us what she’ll do and will not do and that infamous scene with the drill. And, because my brain can’t comprehend it nowadays, let’s not forget the copious writhing nude bodies. While it may not enthrall as much as a movie like Blow Out, Body Double still is riveting cinema for your pre-pubescent pants. Try and squeeze back into them.

Do not work without a contract – with:
- 4 featurettes (The Seduction, The Setup, The Mystery, and The Controversy)
- Previews

POINT BREAKAnyone who’s lucky enough to have been a Keanu participant in Point Break Live! knows that, to paraphrase, peace is projected through superior firepower. It’s even harder if you’re an undercover cop doing the work of a thousand men, something Reeves saddled up to with full gusto for this inevitable Point Break: Pure Adrenaline Edition. Aside from White Men Can’t Jump, this was one of the first rated R films I remember seeing. There was something primal in those parties where we’d delve into the meaning of shit and fuck and what the hell Swayze was attempting to do with his shaggy hair and his laser-guided surfing resolve while sky-diving high above all, like a demi-God on high. Granted, I haven’t seen it in a few years, but Kathryn Bigelow kept the action speeding – even if, I guess, “high-octane” is the moniker tossed about. At least you’ll get the little hand saying it’s time to rock and roll.

Vaya con Dios, Brah – with:
- 4 featurettes (It’s Make Or Break, Ride The Wave, Adrenaline Junkies, and On Location: Malibu)
- 8 deleted scenes
- Stills gallery
- Trailers

MXC DVDHow does one describe Most Extreme Elimination Challenge? Other than otherworldly, that is. Those who remember the 80’s might recognize Takeshi’s Castle, which had Takeshi Kitano laughing jubilantly at priceless items best scoured for online. MXC is the essentially re-written, dubbed in English, re-edited footage of that, twisted for Americans. I’m sure the fans have already put on their Safety hats and sploshed magical droplets of Mystery Fluid all over their glistening gluteus maximuses. The episodes don’t follow any arc, per say, other than the ridiculous overtures by both Kenny and Vic, field marshal Captain Tenneal and sidelines reporter Guy LeDouche, as they question and bark orders and make people stand on such wondrous items as the Rotating Surfboard of Death. Seriously. Mere words probably don’t do this show any justice, but if it does come to town (riding a horse, preferably), then just make sure Hot Carl’s Septic System has nothing to do with it.

Have blood in your stool – with:
- Select audio commentaries with Victor Wilson, Christopher Darga, John Cervenka, Mary Sheer, Paul Abeyta, Peter Kaikko and Larry Strawther
- Original episode of Takashi’s Castle
- MXC Original Sales Presentation
- Kenny Blankenship’s Most Painful Eliminations of the Season

BOGIE DOS In case you’ve been living underneath a bunker, counting the days until Armageddon (release date: 7.1.1998), you probably have come to love and covet Warner Brothers’ sexy Signature packages – read Eileen’s DVD review of the James Stewart must-by set. And so, here comes yet another necessity: Humphrey Bogart: The Signature Collection Volume Two. The big guns in the set are the inclusion of The Maltese Falcon: 3-Disc Special Edition, with John Huston’s seminal film, its little-seen 1931 incarnation and the 1936 adaptation Satan Meets a Lady with Bette Davis. I’m also partial to Across the Pacific, with Bogart and Huston re-teaming for a rousing spectacle set aboard a perilous journey that Huston left replacement director Vincent Sherman to decide (he was, at his joy, called off for the War). There’s also Passage to Marseille with its sweeping portrayals of Bogart and his do-or-die ideals about taking on Nazis. Rounding out the set is the propaganda of Action in the North Atlantic and the oddly-comedic All Through the Night, two films that have their innate charms. Like Horton, I’ll say it again because I said what I meant, these sets are pure gold for their price and cinematic history.

Take it and like it – with:
MALTESEYThe Maltese Falcon (1941)
- New digital transfer of 1941 movie from restored elements
- Commentary by Bogart biographer Eric Lax
- Warner Night at the Movies 1941 Short Subjects Gallery
- 2 Previous Movie Versions of the classic Hammet caper:
- The Maltese Falcon (1931) with Bebe Daniels and Recardo Cortez
- Satan Met a Lady (1936) with Bette Davis and Warren William
- Theatrical Trailers
- New Documentary "The Maltese Falcon: One Magnificent Bird"
- The Trailers of Humphrey Bogart
- Breakdowns of 1941: Studio Blooper Reel
- Audio-only bonus: 3 radio show adaptations including a version starring Edward G. Robinson
Across the Pacific (1942)
- Warner Night at the Movies, 1942
- New featurette "Hollywood Helps the Cause"
- Breakdowns of 1942: Studio Blooper Reel
Action in the North Atlantic (1943)
- Warner Night at the Movies 1943 Short Subjects Gallery
- New featurette "Credit Where Credit is Due"
- Audio-only bonus: radio show with George Raft and Raymond Massey
All Through the Night (1942)
- Commentary by director Vincent Sherman and Bogart biographer Eric Lax
- Warner Night at the Movies 1942 Short Subjects Gallery
- New featurette "Call the Usual Subjects: The Craft of the Character Actor"
Passage to Marseille
- Warner Night at the Movies 1944 Short Subjects Gallery
- New Featurette "The Free French: Forgotten Unsung Victors"
- Breakdowns of 1944: Studio Blooper reel

While the above might not fully storm your caitiff tower, you might also take into consideration the following titles, unraveling at the same time, same place. Fans of Scarface can dole out for the umpteenth edition, this time with a souped-up audio explosion and picture remastering. Enthusiasts of playing “spot the naughty Disney Animator” can make the sad face that they’ve excised all of the “sexy bits,” scrubbing it down to cleanliness. One thing that isn’t missing is Rene motherfuckin’ Auberjonois. Finally, if you haven’t seen Alejandro González Iñárritu’s sublime
21 Grams, see it. That’s out in a better package, but still sadly lacking the oomph in the extras department.




Michael Mann’s a special filmmaker whose works require no extra merit – what you see is damned sure going to fire your cinematic optimism. His latest, Miami Vice (out on DVD on 12.5.06), is a great film that ranks amongst the best of the year (I’d reference my infamous hated review here, but I fear the sadistic amount of reprisals it’ll trudge back up to the toxic surface). Mann’s stylistic choices completely underscore the narrative in a sense that he’s in complete control – this is an assured, on-target voice coming during the spectacular moments of his career. For this film, an action movie with sporadic bursts of realism (you’re going to want to pack a bullet proof lunch), the most joyous thrill comes not only from the fairly ingenious developments, but also from the characters with their interactions with infamy. Being not one to argue with anything less than a movie that is as interesting as it is entertaining, Miami Vice certainly ups the yearly dearth with its blunt awesomeness.

Smooth – with:
- Details are a little sketchy, but expect a Rated Version and an Unrated Director’s Cut. I’ve been told the HD-DVD will also include several interactive features with Mann doing the talking.

SoaP Since the internets market has been overly saturated with all-things Snakes on a Plane (arriving on 1.2.07), I honestly wonder if SoaP is still relevant (on that note – read Fetal’s page). Pop culture being as fickle as it is necessary, I wonder if the hipster I saw walking down the street with a SoaP tee was pondering if it were ok, that was until a group of elderly women beat his sorry tuckus. While the only thing I was able to eavesdrop out of the melee was a faint “motherfucking kids” from the dirtest of olden mouths, I couldn’t kid myself that this guy didn’t really need his colon anyway. We can learn from this. We can see that David Ellis and John Heffernan and Sebastian Gutierrez and Samuel L. JACKSON’s intent isn’t as high and mighty as all get out. SoaP is a victim as much as it is the victor – I can’t really imagine seeing this film without being socially lubricated with the something along the lines of Viper. Or maybe 200 proof Moonshine. Crowds are needed, Ronny Yu was needed. These things, they can’t be denied.

Turn this big motherfucker LEFT – with:
- Audio commentary with Jackson and Ellis
- Deleted scenes with optional commentary from director David R. Ellis
- Snakes on a Plane (Bring It) – Cobra Starship with The Academy Is…, Gym Class Heroes, and The Sounds music video
- Pure Venom behind-the-scenes documentary
- 3 featurettes (Snakes on a Blog, Meet the Reptiles, and VFX)
- Gag reel
- Easter egg
- Five TV spots
- Teaser and theatrical trailers

To bust a cap in this section’s posterior, and since you savvy searchers have probably already discovered, let’s take a look at some cover art. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby, an ethereal shout out from the comedic heavens of the dismal pickin’s the year produced, arrives on 12.12. My Super Ex-Girlfriend, which Devin gave a fairly positive review, I kind of wanted to see. Looks like I will – fighting this urge against Ricky Bobby on the same day. And throwing that last sugar coated bullet of the barrel is one Maniac Cop: Special Edition, breaking down walls with its huge, uh, release date on 11.14.06.


Boiled Cabbage and Old Rag Mats

1984 UKThe prescient written word of George “Orwell” Orwell is argued to be coming more truthful by the daybreak – I’m casting a giant furrowed brow towards you, neglected internet website facebook.com. Since those futuristic end times have come and gone and spawned more than a few horrors (hi, sis!), chances are you missed out on Britain’s filmic take on the matter with their own mind-bending 1984 adaptation of … Nineteen Eighty-Four. Largely unavailable in our states since it’s, like, been banned and some shit, Michael “Il Postino” Radford’s film is out there – in Region 2 form. The endlessly watchable John Hurt is Winston Smith, who as you know, discovers someone’s watching him. And it’s not those guys stealing your credit card at information at MilfHunter. Richard Burton is O’Brian, who as you know is crazy delicious. In the most totalitarian way. The movie, a mixture of pictures and words you should have read in high school, is actually well-executed and completely miniplenty.

Beautiful thing, the destruction of words – with:
- Trailer

This is a Region 2 PAL DVD.

DESTRICTED The title should be like a flashing instant win – Destricted. Eyes flare, glands salivate, and the blood pumps a little faster, as it should. This box set makes a point to give the effin’ finger to all of the censors out there – it doesn’t skirt the issues, it eats them with tasty sexualized sauce. With work from such diverse and culturally-admonished filmmakers as Gaspar Nöe, whose film Irreversible is as warm as it is cuddly, who contributes the eye-opening We F*ck Alone, and Larry Clark, who certainly hasn’t acquired any controversy at all, who dives into the 80’s and its mind-bending sexual escapades. Like there’d be no other. Even Matthew Barney makes a rare Un-Cremaster’ed appearance, flopping about in the waters of this unadulterated synopsis – “... the erotics of sexual encounter as it takes place between ‘green man’ and the lubricated drive shaft of a customized deforestation vehicle destined for the Carnival de Bahia.” I can’t top that.

This is a Region 2 PAL DVD.

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RUSSIAN DOLLSAs a special section to the Special Edition this week, I’m giving away a couple of copies of IFC Films’ recent release – Russian Dolls. As a sequel to Cédric Klapisch’s lighthearted L’Auberge Espagnole, Dolls continues with Klapisch’s chaotic group studies as its original players (Audrey Tatou, Kelly Reilly, and Romain Duris reprise their roles) figure out what the hells going on. It’s more about where life takes you once things don’t quite pan out as they seem. Besides