Hot Fuzz, the cop film from the fellas who brought us Spaced and Shaun of the Dead, hits theaters next year it won’t be director Edgar Wright’s first attempt at a British cop film – that would be Dead Right, from 1993, shot when he was just 18.

There’s a minute long clip from Dead Right up on youtube right now – click here to see it. Dead Right is actually an hour long, and Edgar hints that it may yet see the light of day as an Easter Egg on the eventual Hot Fuzz DVD. I hope so, since the clip that’s available is funny as hell, even if Edgar does admit to ripping off a gag from Miami Blues (I see the quote as more of an homage, personally). I’d love to see the whole thing.

By the way, when you go to the youtube page you’ll see that the Hot Fuzz video blogs are listed with it – if you haven’t had a chance to see these yet, do so now! They’re hilarious, and will make you so excited for the film that you’ll shake with rage when you realize we’re still months and months and months away.