Wright.jpgWhen sat down with Tom Rothman, head cheese of Fox, he told them that the next few weeks would bring an announcement as to who will be the main villain of Live Free or Die Hard, the movie that returns John McClane to the big screen. He promised that the casting was exciting, and that it was an American.

Well, the mensches at JewReview have gotten their hands on a juicy scoop about this – they’re saying that Jeffrey Wright will be playing the big baddie. They don’t have any real details beyond the casting and the fact that he’s playing “the head of an agency” – ICM?!?!?

Expect something official in the next day or two, probably something in the trades that won’t reference JewReview at all. I love when the web breaks a story and Variety runs it six hours later, pretending THEY broke it. Eat it, Variety.

This isn’t Wright’s only foray into high action – he’s playing CIA agent Felix Leiter in Casino Royale, the Bond reboot.