dips are, sadly, a fact of life in the DVD world. Still, the impact
can be lessened when a double dip actually has some decent features, or has an unrated director’s cut (or when
you didn’t have that DVD in the first place), which is the case with Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels: The Locked n’ Loaded Director’s Cut (enough with the cute names, please).

Lock, Stock is the film that, although no one could know it at the time, set
Guy Ritchie on a collision course with Madonna and eventual career death. It
also opened American eyes to a whole culture of British scumbags who, in
reality, are far less amusing (yet just as hard to understand) as Ritchie’s
characters. But what gets lost sometimes in all the hoopla is that Lock, Stock
is a fantastic looking film, with some exciting visual techniques that have
been copied ad nauseum since (which, by the way, isn’t a claim of originality
but simply stating from where the imitators took the stylistic aspects they

One of the new features on the Lock, Stock double dip DVD examines the look and style of the cinematography – it’s called “One Smoking Camera, and we have an exclusive sneak preview of it right here. So watch the video and then go out and buy the DVD at lunch. Or buy it from CHUD by clicking here, and let me have enough money to buy lunch.

Clip One! (small)

Clip One! (large)

Clip Two! (small)

Clip Two! (large)

Clip Three! (small)

Clip Three! (large)