Bourne Ultimatum, the third film in the best modern spy series (fuck you if you disagree) is shooting now in Tangiers. You gotta love how these films go out there and get the local flavor, filming all over the world. It shows on screen in a way that faking it in Vancouver never could.

This film sees Jason Bourne pursued by a super-killer, the world’s greatest hitman. Who could it be? Well, if Paul Greengrass has his way, it’ll be Gael Garcia Bernal, the hunky Mexican actor. Bernal is currently starring in The Science of Sleep, where Michel Gondry actually manages to transform him into a modestly creepy schmuck, so turning him into a masterful assassin should not be outside of Greengrass’ skill set at all.

The Bourne Ultimatum is shooting all over the known world, including Madrid, Paris, London, Riga and New York, where I will pull every string possible to get some time with Greengrass and find out more about this film for you, the slavering Bournites.

Keep in mind, this casting is not a done deal – the offer has gone out, but negotiations haven’t begun yet. Let’s keep our fingers crossed, though, I think this sounds killer.

Jesus, I hate puns.